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Boltswitch Capacitor Unit (CAP2)
$620 -

Model CAP-2 capacitive trip unit provides a fail safe method of activating a 120 vac shunt trip when control voltage is not present. The unit will utilize the control voltage for tripping the shunt if available. When control voltage is lost a relay drops out discharging the capacitor to trip the shunt.
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Boltswitch Capacitor Unit (CAP3)
$615 -

Model CAP-3 capacitive trip unit provides a stored energy means of activating a 125 VDC shunt trip device. The output is always from the capacitor.
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Phase Guard Enclosure
$110 -

A standard, hinged, 8x6x4' NEMA #1 enclosure is available for the Phase Guard. Made of steel and UL listed, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A hole is provided at the input terminal end to accommodate a 0.75' conduit fitting. Mounting holes are 8.75" x 4".
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Phase Guard Dual Enclosure
$350 -

A standard, 8x12x4' NEMA #1 enclosure with clear plastic cover and locking hinged door. This enclosure is useful for mounting the Phase Guard as well as the Boltswitch Capacitor Unit. Made of steel and UL listed, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
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USB Cable and Hanger Bracket
$15 -

The USB hanger bracket is provided to allow the cable to be permanently connected to the Phase Guard relay while the cable is stored conveniently away from the high voltage area, to be ready when needed. USB type A to mini cable is provided with the hanger bracket.
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Remote Display Module
$200 - See Note Below

The Remote Display Module allows access of Phase Guard function and features to move to a convenient panel location.
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Note: The Remote Display Module can only be purchased by configuring a new Phase Guard to include the Remote Display Module feature.