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Phase-Guard CloudCom - NEW
$400 -

The Phase-Guard CloudCom device connects your Phase-Guard to the Cloud service. This enables you to receive timely Phase-Guard alerts via text and/or email anytime, day or night. Each Phase-Guard you wish to monitor requires its own CloudCom device.

A single Phase-Guard Cloud account with an active subscription is required. It will monitor all your Phase-Guards with a CloudCom connection.

Phase-Guard Cloud Subscription Prices (after 1 year free trial):

  • Monthly: $16
  • Annually: $170

One year of Phase-Guard Cloud Subscription is included for FREE with a CloudCom purchase.

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Boltswitch Capacitor Unit (CAP2) - Backordered
$650 -

Model CAP-2 capacitive trip unit provides a fail safe method of activating a 120 vac shunt trip when control voltage is not present. The unit will utilize the control voltage for tripping the shunt if available. When control voltage is lost a relay drops out discharging the capacitor to trip the shunt.

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Boltswitch Capacitor Unit (CAP3) - Backordered
$645 -

Model CAP-3 capacitive trip unit provides a stored energy means of activating a 125 VDC shunt trip device. The output is always from the capacitor.

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Phase-Guard Enclosure
$110 -

A standard, hinged, 8x6x4' NEMA #1 enclosure is available for the Phase-Guard. Made of steel and UL listed, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A hole is provided at the input terminal end to accommodate a 0.75' conduit fitting. Mounting holes are 8.75" x 4".

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Phase-Guard Dual Enclosure
$500 -

A standard, 8x12x4' NEMA #1 enclosure with clear plastic cover and locking hinged door. This enclosure is useful for mounting the Phase-Guard as well as the Boltswitch Capacitor Unit. Made of steel and UL listed, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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USB Cable and Hanger Bracket
$15 -

The USB hanger bracket is provided to allow the cable to be permanently connected to the Phase-Guard relay while the cable is stored conveniently away from the high voltage area, to be ready when needed. USB type A to mini cable is provided with the hanger bracket.

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Remote Display Module
$230 - See Note Below

The Remote Display Module allows access of Phase-Guard function and features to move to a convenient panel location.

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The Remote Display Module can only be purchased by configuring a new Phase-Guard to include the Remote Display Module feature.