Phase-Guard USB Cable and Hanger Bracket

The USB hanger bracket is provided to allow the cable to be permanently connected to the Phase-Guard relay while the cable is stored conveniently away from the high voltage area, to be ready when needed.

USB (type A to mini) cable is included with the hanger bracket.


Installation and Mounting Instructions:

  1. Once you have decided on a location for the bracket, peel off the paper backing from the adhesive and press the bracket in place. The adhesive is very strong and difficult to remove once installed.
  2. There are two tabs on the bracket, front and rear. Press the rear tab to open the bracket latch.
  3. Insert the cable into the bracket.
  4. Press the front tab until the latch snaps closed.
  5. Now install the " label" above the bracket. This label provides the address needed to reach our website to download the Phase-Guard Admin Tool. The Admin Tool is needed to communicate with the Phase-Guard relay.
    Download Admin Tool